About S.E.A. Connect

S.E.A Connect is a platform for businesses looking to expand internationally.

Our virtual trade fair (VTF) is designed to facilitate and accelerate cross border businesses. At Simple Group, we provide businesses with access to international markets and a vast network of like-minded professionals, who can help them expand their businesses overseas.

The VTFs embedded within S.E.A Connect provides a unique opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and services to an international audience.

Through our comprehensive services and innovative approach, S.E.A Connect is committed to helping businesses expand and thrive overseas. We look forward to welcoming businesses from all over the world to S.E.A Connect.

Join us and unlock your full business potential now.

9:00am – 9:10am
Opening Ceremony
9:10am – 9:30am
Keynote: Benefits of setting up in Hong Kong
9:30am – 9:50am
Keynote: Hong Kong Market and Catering Insights
9:50am – 10:10am
Keynote: A New Alternative: Delivery Optimized Kitchens
10:10am – 4:50pm
Explore booths
4:50pm – 5:00pm
Closing Remarks

InCorp Global, Hong Kong

With offices established in 8 countries across the Asia Pacific, InCorp is the go-to provider of corporate services and business advisory for incorporating and scaling your business.


The Singapore Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong

The Singapore Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong) was established in 1995 with a mission is to foster closer economic links and cooperation among Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and other regional countries, collect and disseminate trade- related information, and encourage member involvement in achieving its objectives.


Asia Art of Cuisine Society

Asia Art of Cuisine Society's goal is to gather all the professionals from the catering industry to join the elite groups, including food and beverage managers, senior executives, executive chefs and industry experts and so on professionals. Through mutual communication, rich industry knowledge exchange and resource sharing, to create higher values and performance for the industry to effectively promote and play an interactive industry spirit.



Freshlane Hong Kong's cloud kitchen service offers fully equipped kitchen spaces that can be rented flexibly, with additional services available such as menu development and order management. It provides a convenient solution for food businesses looking to expand their delivery capabilities without the overhead cost of a physical storefront.

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S.E.A. Connect – Hong Kong: 4 April 2023 – 1 May 2023
S.E.A. Connect – Philippines: 20 April 2023 – 17 May 2023
S.E.A. Connect – Korea: 15 May 2023 – 11 June 2023
S.E.A. Connect – Malaysia: 22 June 2023 – 19 July 2023
S.E.A. Connect – Thailand: 28 June 2023 – 24 July 2023
S.E.A. Connect – Australia: 28 July 2023 – 24 August 2023
S.E.A. Connect – Cambodia: 15 August 2023 – 16 September 2023
S.E.A. Connect – China: 15 September 2023 – 13 October 2023
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Attendees will be potential investors, franchisees, entrepreneurs, and people who will be excited to bring these brands into their country.
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